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For Children who are Blind or have Low Vision


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There is A Crisis in the Blind Community

A 10% literacy rate is UNACCEPTABLE
and more:

A blind man in a museum, a blind woman studying at a table, a blind men using his phone.
Graph pointing to 30% of employed, 85% know braille. And that only 10% of children are learning braille.
Our Vision of the Future,
Starts with the Children.
Equal rights to:
  • An education
  • A career
  • and Art! 
young girl smilins and holding brailledoodle

Our Mission

Focusing on braille literacy, education and tactile art, we will distribute revolutionary products for children who are blind and employ adult with disabilities in the process.

Our Promise

Every donation will go toward our mission including providing our products to disadvantaged children.

“As a TVI for over 33 years, I am very excited at the prospect of being able to work with the BrailleDoodle."
Jacqueline Becker
TVI, Braille Specialist
The BrailleDoodle Demo

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    “Would love this! Sadly, I am struggling to get braille instruction for my child. I think this would help me teach him. The BrailleDoodle can’t come out fast enough!” – Tammy Simpson M., Parent of Nathan, age 10

    A series of three photos, one with mom and baby Nathan, one with Nathan at age 6 and one recent.

    “How fun! I would definitely buy this for my son.” – Ashlyn Marie L., Parent of Gunner, age 7

    Seven-year-old gunner is sitting on some steps holding a plaque that says second grade and smiling widely

    Watch Wani enjoying the BrailleDoodle Prototype. Turn on sound. (So worth it!)


    The BrailleDoodle is an inexpensive but high-quality device that will help students learn braille, even when remote learning. 

    Also, it will also allow someone to make drawings and FEEL AS THEY DRAW.

    The BrailleDoodle laptop-sized device with an array of hundreds of holes that cover the surface. Each hole contains a smooth metal ball that could be pulled to the surface by a magnetic stylus. The user erases a creation by pushing the pin back down with a satisfying “pop.”

    More specialized stencils will allow students to learn Nemeth/Math, contractions, shapes, print letters, simple drawings, graphs even braille in different languages!

    See What
    People are Saying

    Development is nearly complete! We are working with the renowned company,

    Creativengeneering - a robot toy, a guitar, a yoda toy

    “Nothing motivates children to learn like learning while they play.”

    See What
    People are Saying

    Of the 30% who are employed, 85% know braille.

    Yet, more than 90% of children, who need it, are NOT learning braille! 

    Why is that?


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