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Help ensure these rights.
The right to:

  • Learn braille and use it anywhere.


  • An Equal and Inclusive Education.


  • A fulfilling career.


  • Experience and create art! 

Our Mission –

The TouchPad Pro Foundation will develop and distribute revolutionary products to children who are blind or have low vision and provide these products to those who cannot afford them at low or no cost. 


The BrailleDoodle


The BrailleDoodle is an inexpensive but high-quality device that will help students learn braille, even when remote learning. 

Also, it will also allow someone to make drawings and FEEL AS THEY DRAW.

BrailleDoodle angle view

The BrailleDoodle is a laptop sized device with a two-dimensional array of hundreds of holes, placed tightly together, that cover the surface. Each hole contains a tiny element that can be pulled to the surface by a magnetic stylus and locked into place to create a touchable effect. The user erases a creation by pushing the elements back down with a satisfying “pop.”  

Nothing motivates children to learn as effectively as when learning as they play.

Development has begun! We are working with the renowned company, Boston Engineering.

“As explained on, the nature of this endeavor is aligned with our company’s passion.  We have a legacy of taking nascent technologies and leveraging them into viable commercial products.”
 –Andrew Celentano, Senior Innovation Consultant, Boston Engineering.
Average American and Blind Low Vision Comparison Chart

The Education and the employment statistics for the blind and low vision are distressing.

Graph pointing to 30% of employed, 85% know braille. And that only 10% of children are learning braille.

The Braille Cover



The BrailleDoodle will also feature a cover with dozens of evenly spaced rectangular cutouts. Now each rectangle is a Braille cell!

Demonstration of BrailleDoodle


More specialized ‘stencil-like’ covers can give braille examples and teach shapes and more!

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