Here’s the appearance on Sam’s The Blind Life YouTube channel, which was posted two months ago. The audio version was posted today on The Blind Life podcast feed, though the references to the Kickstarter are not as relevant because the campaign has ended. Click HERE to preorder at 43% off.

“This is an interview with Daniel Lubiner, the founder of the TouchPad Pro Foundation and creator of the Braille Doodle. In this interview, Daniel talks about the inspiration behind creating the Braille Doodle, which is a fun and engaging new way for the blind and visually impaired to draw and learn braille! The TouchPad Pro Foundation Website: ► Daniel Lubiner’s email: ►”

Introducing BrailleDoodle: The Revolutionary Learning Tool for Blind Children by TouchPad Pro Foundation

Introduction: The TouchPad Pro Foundation is excited to unveil BrailleDoodle, a groundbreaking and budget-friendly device designed to transform the educational landscape for blind children. Crafted by Daniel Lubiner, a seasoned special education instructor and former art teacher for visually impaired students, BrailleDoodle promises to infuse joy into learning while enriching the educational journey of blind children. With its global appeal, the device has already generated immense interest, reaching over $37,000 in presales across 17 countries through a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. The excitement continues as the presale extends through the official website until October 31st.

  1. Innovative Learning for Blind Children: Empowering Their Educational Path
    • BrailleDoodle, the brainchild of Daniel Lubiner, brings an innovative approach to blind children’s education, aligning seamlessly with the TouchPad Pro Foundation’s vision for inclusive learning solutions.
  2. Designed by an Experienced Expert: Ensuring Quality and Learning Efficacy
    • As a veteran special education instructor and former art teacher to visually impaired students, Daniel Lubiner’s expertise guarantees a purpose-built and engaging learning tool that caters specifically to the needs of blind children.
  3. Fun-Focused Learning: Transforming Education with Joy and Exploration
    • BrailleDoodle redefines learning by infusing excitement and curiosity into the educational process, promoting a positive learning experience that enhances retention and engagement.
  4. Global Enthusiasm: Garnering Worldwide Support and Recognition
    • The worldwide reception to BrailleDoodle has been overwhelming, as evident from the tremendous success of its Kickstarter campaign. The device’s universal appeal showcases its potential to make a positive impact on blind children’s education across diverse cultures and regions.
  5. Accessible and Affordable: Expanding Educational Opportunities for All
    • TouchPad Pro Foundation’s commitment to accessibility and affordability ensures that BrailleDoodle breaks barriers to education, providing equal opportunities for blind children worldwide.
  6. Presale Success: A Testament to Demand and Trust
    • The remarkable $37,000 in presales reflects not only the demand for BrailleDoodle but also the trust and confidence of backers in its potential to transform learning for blind children.
  7. Act Now: Limited-Time Presale Ending Soon
    • To secure this transformative educational tool at an exclusive price, act quickly as the presale continues through the official website but concludes on October 31st. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize how blind children learn.

Conclusion: BrailleDoodle, the brainchild of Daniel Lubiner and a remarkable initiative by the TouchPad Pro Foundation, promises to revolutionize learning for blind children worldwide. With its innovative design, global appeal, and overwhelming presale success, BrailleDoodle offers a beacon of hope for an inclusive and joyful educational journey for the blind. Don’t delay – take advantage of the limited-time presale and be a part of this educational revolution. Act now and empower blind children with the transformative power of BrailleDoodle.