Hello from your Chief Experience Officer. Thank you to all who stopped by the booth to experience the BrailleDoodle in person. You spoke with either Daniel or Matthew. It’s Matthew behind the keyboard at the moment, and I also thank Daniel for having me come out to the convention from hot hot Phoenix. This is the first of several posts in this category, where I will be giving direct links to podcast appearances, to gather them in one place. Up to now, they have been posted on social media and to backers on the Kickstarter, but I would like website viewers to benefit from the content as well. For those who aren’t aware, I come to the BrailleDoodle as a technology and Braille instructor for adults with blindness or visual impairment, and the product will greatly benefit students of Braille instruction.


Cool video below! A young woman with a white cane, wearing a flower dress, a brown jacket, and trendy bowl-cut short light-brown hair